Import EKM Products

The EKM Import Screen allows to you to Import your products into SellerExpress and setup your ekmPowershop API access. You can access this screen by selecting Inventory > Import EKM Products

This help topic is also available in the form of a video tutorial which can be found here.

Setting up the link between SellerExpress and ekmPowershop:
To setup the link between your ekmPowershop store and SellerExpress open the Import EKM Products screen. At the top of this screen you'll see an area to enter your EKM username and password, enter these and then hit "Update".

NB. SellerExpress require these details to link to your ekmPowershop store and update your product quantities.

Once you have done this login to your ekmPowershop Store and select "Features" on the top menu. We need to add some features to allow SellerExpress to work with your ekm store. Install the following required features,
  • Advanced Inventory Manager
  • ekmPowershop API
  • Import / Export System
  • Product Attributes
NB. Some of these features may have an additional cost to your EKM subscription.

Once you have added these features we need to enter the "Product Attributes" feature. Do this by selecting "Product Attributes" on the "Installed Features" menu. Make sure that all options have been set to "Yes" then update.

To Import your products into SellerExpress you need to supply product barcodes (UPCs). You will find them on your product screen under GTIN. You can use your newly installed Advanced Inventory Manager to update your products in bulk.

Exporting your products from ekmPowershop into SellerExpress:
Once you have your barcodes updated you can export your products from ekm, do this by selecting your newly installed "Import / Export System". When you do so follow the instructions listed below,
  • Select "Export To File"
  • Select "Export Products"
  • Make sure "All Categories" is selected and click "Next"
  • Make sure all options are ticked and click "Next"
  • Click to export to "CSV File"
  • Once your report has been prepared select "Please Click To Download" to download your report.
Once you have downloaded your report you can go ahead and import it into SellerExpress.

Importing your products into SellerExpress:
Now you can Import your file into SellerExpress by opening the "EKM Import Screen". Select “Browse”, locate your file and hit ok. By selecting different “Import Options” you can change how this file is Imported, please find a breakdown of each below, 
  • List on Amazon: Sets new products to list on Amazon
  • List on Play: Sets new products to list on Play
  • Update Products if Found: Updates existing products
  • Add New Format: Adds format to SellerExpress if it doesn't exist (Always tick for your first import)
  • Re-price on Amazon: Sets products to reprice on Amazon Marketplace
  • Zero Quantity for Items Not in File: Zeros quantities for products not listed in this file
  • Replace Quantity if Found (Appends if Unchecked): Replaces or adds to product quantity for existing products
  • Import Variations: Select this option to import your ekm variation listings into SellerExpress.

NB. The “Cost Price Percentage” sets the initial “Cost Price” your products will be given when imported from ekm, find out more about the Cost Price by clicking here.

To apply images and description from ekm to be used on your eBay listings tick the boxes next to “Apply ekn Images and Description To eBay Marketplaces”. 

NB. Only your first ekm image will be added to your eBay image gallery

Once you've imported your products for the first time your quantities will be kept up to date between automatically. 
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