To add products using Amazon searches is quick and easy in SellerExpress.


Adding new products by the Amazon search is simple and easy!

Locate the 'Find' box on the top bar in SellerExpress (on the same line as the SellerExpress logo) and enter the details you want to search for. This could be a barcode (ie, 0602498614983)or enter a product name like (ie, Fifa 2010).

Then in the 'Search By' drop down select either Amazon Barcode (if you entered a barcode) or Amazon Keyword (if you entered text).

Finally in the 'Show Results In' drop down select the Amazon department that suits your product and hit the 'Go' button.

The results will then be displayed and if there are multiple results you can choose which result matches what you are looking for. Once you've clicked on your product the 'Product Screen' will get populated with the Amazon data. All you have left to do is add your 'Quantity', 'Cost Price' and any other product data you wish. Once you're done click the 'Add' button on the top right and your product will be added. 

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