How can I make more sales on Amazon? (Selling tips)


SellerExpress will list your products and upload your prices. But it cannot guarantee sales.

But here are a few tips we've collated over the years that may help:

  • Ensure your Seller name on marketplaces is attractive to buyers and suggests your are competitive, efficient, competent etc
  • Ensure you set attractive listing comments (either individual per product) or more importantly - your default one via the Amazon/Play Settings screens. For example uses phrases such as - Quick Dispatch, In Stock, Ships from UK, Same Day Dispatch, Good Quality
  • Keep your seller feedback at a high rate by providing a good customer service level and experience
  • Whilst Auto Price Checking may make you the cheapest seller - it may still be that you won't get the sale - so you might consider turning Auto Pricing off for certain items (for a period). For example, you could be the lowest used seller - but someone is selling it new for a very similar price
  • For some inventory - using the Play Pricing Tool may not give you the best sales. For example - the Auto Pricing Tool could make you cheapest on Play - but if your Amazon price is a lot lower customers may never buy this product from Play - so you could consider setting the Play price to match your Amazon UK price (plus postage)
  • Some sellers set inaccurate cost prices - which are used to determine your minimum price. So regular reviewing of cost prices or indeed your pricing rules and adjusting them may help sales
  • Consider changing your price checking times and frequency. It could be that you are pricing at the same time or just before your competitors so they often seem to be beating you when you check. Pricing more often may help - but may also drag your price down quicker.
  • Review the 'Inventory items not listed' option on the Inventory section of the dashboard to see products that you aren't currently listing. This could be because the barcode you have for a product isn't being found on Amazon. You could manually find and set an ASIN to allow a product to list
NB: To edit your default comment go to Amazon Account Settings and click in the marketplace you want to edit the comment for. This will populate the lower half of the screen and you can enter a custom Comment, Refund message, Courier name and SellerID. Once you've entered them click Update to save changes.



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