What are the requirements for accessing SellerExpress FTP service?


1.  Static IP address (You can obtain this from your ISP / Broadband Provider).  We require this to maintain security of the service (i.e. we know that users connecting are trusted).  Support will request this as part of your FTP account setup.

2.  FTP client to access the service.

3.  Minimum 2MB broadband connection.

4.  We recommend PORT type connections on port 21

What is a Static IP address?

Static (or fixed) IP address is a unique number that identifies your computer when it connects to the Internet.

It's given to you by your broadband provider and can't be moved between providers.

Problems Accessing The Service?

Any issues connecting to the service please check that you firewalls are not blocking FTP access to your network to/from host se1.sellerexpress.com on PORT 21

Ensure that you have supplied support with your static/fix network IP address, if this has changed then you must resubmit this to support.

Check you are connecting to your correct ftp host (server) and your username and password are correct.

What does "421 This user is not allowed to connect from this IP" mean?

Your static/fixed network IP address has not been whitelisted for access.  If you haven't already done so obtain this from your ISP/Broadband provider and submit this to support.

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