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You can access this screen by selecting Settings > Volusion Account Settings
The Volusion Account Settings Screen allows you to control how SellerExpress will interact with your Volusion Webstore.

Synchronise Volusion Data with SellerExpress:
SellerExpress can automatically synchronise your stock from Volusion to SellerExpress. This means if products are sold / updated with new prices and quantities on your Volusion store SellerExpress will be automatically informed of these changes and update it for you. Select the options to decide if you wish to update only your stock or prices as well.
Export Options:
SellerExpress can export in one of two ways,

Stock Quantities: Volusion will be notified of any products sold through SellerExpress so your stock quantities between the two programs are correct. Select this option if you want to complete your orders in SellerExpress.
Orders: Your full orders will be exported to Volusion.  Select this option if you want to process your orders on your Volusion Webstore.

Order Postage:
If you have selected for Volusion to process your orders then SellerExpress needs to know which Shipping Service to use for your orders when they are exported to Volusion. 

There will be a default Volusion shipping service for each marketplace that you have subscribed to within SellerExpress that you can update. If you prefer a more advanced postage setup you can also set Volusion shipping service’s for specific countries that orders are shipping to. 

If you have created your Shipping Service's on your Volusion Webstore and wish to use these in SellerExpress, choose “other” from the list of Volusion shipping options and enter the desired Shipping Service ID into the textbox that appears. 

NB. Orders are exported on a schedule; find the schedule here.
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