Variations - Duplicate & Copy Product

To make it easier to create similar products (especially eBay variation products) SellerExpress has a "Copy Product" and Variations "Duplicate" button. These buttons can be used to duplicate a product with almost all information to make creating very similar products very simple.

Copy Product Button:
The Copy Product button can be found on the Product Screen on any already added product. Simply hit the button to create a duplicate of the existing product. All product information including but not limited to the following will be copied,
  • Title, Manufacturer, supplier, format, cost & sale price
  • Amazon, play listing and reprice tick boxes
  • eBay profiles, images, descriptions, listing tick box, variations
The following details are not copied,
  • Barcode
  • Amazon ASIN
  • Quantity
  • Identifier
  • Variation Attributes
NB. Unless you add a Barcode or ASIN number duplicated products will not list on Amazon

Duplicate Variation Button:
The Duplicate Variation button works just like the Copy Product button but is housed more conveniently within your variation window. Simply click the "Duplicate" button and a copy will be created exactly as with the Copy Product Button laid out above.

NB. Hitting the Duplicate button allows you to choose whether to copy the variations image or not.

Once your duplicate has been created you will still be on this screen and can edit the quantity, price and attributes for the new product without ever having to leave this screen. Go ahead and make all your variations in one go without ever having to go to another screen.

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