Quickest way to add product? (Adding Products via Amazon search)


The quickest way to add a product to SellerExpress is as follows:

  • Scan/Enter barcode (UPC / EAN) into the Find box (top left corner of SellerExpress)
  • Change 'Search By' to Amazon Barcode
  • Change 'Show Results In' to appropriate sector/department on Amazon
  • Hit 'Go'
  • Select your product from the list and the Product screen will be pre-populated with most required data
  • Enter your cost & quantity and hit 'Add'

NB: Fields like supplier, format can have a default value (see the Settings screens to set these)

NB: If you search for an Amazon Barcode that already exists in SellerExpress you will be given the choice of continuing with the search which will enable you to add the product to SellerExpress multiple times which could be useful if you have both new and used of the product and wish to list both, or navigating to the product that already exists.

NB: Please be aware that once you have added products into SellerExpress they will be uploaded to Marketplaces as new listings if you have not entered a value in the "Identifier/Your SKU". If these products are listed on the marketplace using another application and you are not using your own SKUs for SellerExpress, be aware that these listings will be duplicated.

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