How do I add product variations to SellerExpress?


SellerExpress allows you to add variations of the same product (Parent child products) onto Amazon if a variation already exists for that product. If a variation doesn’t currently exist you will need to create the variation yourself within the Amazon marketplace.

Adding a variation of a product is just the same as adding a new product, you can do this one product at a time or using the ‘Stock Import’ feature within SellerExpress. For this Helpfile we are going to use ‘Advanced Stock Import’, if you need further information on the ‘Advanced Stock Import’ find it at the helpfile below.

Download an ‘Advanced Stock Import file’. To add variations you need to first identify the products barcode (UPC / EAN), add the barcode to the bottom row of the ‘Advanced Stock Import file’ you downloaded as you normally would when adding a new product. List this barcode as many times as you have variations to list. I.e., if you have 5 product variations, list the barcode 5 times. If you don’t have access to the barcode leave the barcode field blank.

Now further add in your stock quantities, cost price, and all other information you need to add. You need to identify the specific ASIN for each of your variations. Add each ASIN into the correct row for each of your products. Each variation will have its own ASIN, if you’re not sure how to find this click the link below.

Once you’ve done all this go into SellerExpress and access the ‘Stock Import’ screen. Make sure you select ‘Advanced Stock Import’ from the drop down list and make sure that you have the ‘Allow duplicate barcodes’ box ticked. Once ready hit to upload, this should upload your products into SellerExpress and list each variation for you with Amazon. If you have any issues with Imports try the helpfile below.

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