SellerExpress BigCommerce Integration Overview and Start Checklist

SellerExpress’ new BigCommerce integration is available on registration for new customers or by emailing for existing customers. This is our first level of integration so we have focused on the most vital features to link your BigCommerce store with SellerExpress. If there are other features you feel would be useful for your business then please do let us know at
Automatic Importing Stock:
SellerExpress currently offers an Import screen where you can automatically import your BigCommerce products to SellerExpress without the need to export a file. You can also have your BigCommerce Image and description automatically used on your eBay listings. This process can be automated to run throughout the day for you.
Automatic Export Of Stock Quantities: 
SellerExpress can be set to automatically export your stock quantities when orders have been received. This means when your marketplace receives an order SellerExpress will automatically tell BigCommerce to update your quantities on your Webstore. 
NB. Orders are not exported to BigCommerce to be fulfilled
Regular Updating of stock from BigCommerce:
In order to keep your stock levels correct between BigCommerce it is important to periodically do an import of stock numbers from your BigCommerce store. We have made this process as painless as possible allowing you to do this with a single button press on the 'Import BigCommerce Products' screen. 
Getting Started With BigCommerce Checklist:
  • Register your SellerExpress Account (Click Here)
  • Complete your initial settings (Video - Helpfile)
  • Add your BigCommerce details and import your products (Video- Helpfile)
  • Continue your setup on the SellerExpress Quick Start Guide from Section 2  (Video - Helpfile)
  • Enable your account (Helpfile)
For more information, refer to the following videos and helpfiles:
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