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SellerExpress allows you to generate a report with your existing stock inventory to make changes to then upload these changes back into the Software. This feature is more advanced so if you’re not too confident with Excel spreadsheets I would recommend you click here to try onscreen updates.
With your repricing rules in place its important that we update your cost prices and verify that your stock numbers are correct before your account is set live. The first thing you need to do is generate a SellerExpress Stock Report. To do this click on the "Reports" menu on the left hand side of the screen, select report as "Stock Import File". 
NB. We would strongly recommend watching the video at the bottom of this this helpfile as well as reading it. 
Now you’ll be asked to select a supplier, at this stage you won’t have any suppliers set up so click on ‘All Suppliers’. Now click on ‘Generate’ to create the report.
The file will take a few minutes to generate, once it has you can open it to view and edit your stock information. A few things to note about updating this file:
SellerExpress assigns new SKUs to products for internal purposes (These won’t appear on Amazon – They will appear on You can’t change the values in the SKU field of this file; they must remain as they are
  • Your own SKUs are stored in SellerExpress but are not shown in this file
  • It must not contain any commas
  • It must not contain single quote marks i.e. ‘ ’
  • Excel can sometimes corrupt the barcode data so we urge you to right click on the barcode column, click on ‘Format Cells’ and change to Number with 0 Decimal places. If a barcode is broken it will not import correctly.
NB. Once you have completed your changes we would strongly recommend reading this helpfile of common reasons imports fail before you import your file into SellerExpress.
Once you update your Quantities / Cost Price etc… you need to re-save this file as a .CSV file. Click on the "Inventory Menu" in SellerExpress and then "Import Products". You will then see the screen below.
This screen has a number of options, most of which are pretty self-explanatory and normally are only used when adding new stock, not when updating your stock for the first time. So for now click on ‘Browse’ and select the .CSV stock file that you just saved. 
For your first Import make the following tick boxes are ticked,
  • Add new formats
  • List on Amazon
  • List on Play
  • Reprice on Amazon
  • Update Quantities
  • Replace Quantities
Once you are ready click on "Import". The import can take a few minutes to complete and you should receive an email shortly afterwards to confirm if your upload has been successful (You will also see your import results on screen).
If you have any issues importing your file you can contact At this stage you can return to your Quick Start Guide, section 4, Review & Go Live.
If you would like some information on the Advanced import click here
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