Need Amazon linked to eBay listings (eBay Auto Import)

So you've done your Automatic Import for eBay but can only Import you stock from one marketplace. Don’t worry, SellerExpress has you covered. This helpfile will walk you through the process of adding your Amazon details to your eBay products in SellerExpress tying them all together.
Amazon Open Listings Report:
The first thing you need to do is login to your Amazon SellerCentral account. We need to generate an open listings report, to do this click ‘Inventory’ then ‘Download Inventory File’. Once this file has been generated hit ‘Download’ and then open this file in Microsoft Excel. 
The Open Listings Report is a full list of your products currently listed on Amazon with all their relevant details. 
Advanced Stock Import File:
Now in SellerExpress download an Advanced Import Stock File (Click here for details). 
To match up a product locate your product on the SellerExpress Import file and the same product from your Amazon file. Take the data from the following fields in the Open Listings Report and add them to the Stock Import File,
seller-sku = Identifier_OwnSKU
asin1 = AUK ASIN (Amazon UK)
quantity = Quantity
If any of these details are not transferred over into SellerExpress your products will not match up to Amazon. Do this for each of your products live on eBay and Amazon.

Products You Haven't Listed On eBay:
Once you’ve added all products that are live on both eBay and Amazon you can go ahead and add products which are not on the SE Stock Import File. Take the data from the following fields in the Open Listings Report and add them to the Stock Import File,
item-name = Title
quantity = Quantity
seller-sku = Identifier_OwnSKU
asin1 = AUK ASIN (Amazon UK)
Enter a value for your cost price as well
Make sure either a Y or an N is entered into each of the columns marked ‘List’
Extend your dummy barcodes down to all the new products as well.
Once you’re done you can Import the Stock File back into SellerExpress. Once this is done your products will either be updated / created within the system allowing your stock to match up between the two marketplaces.
If your Import is rejected get more information on what can cause this here.
If you have any further questions you can contact support at
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