eBay Account Settings - Account Information

Access this screen by selecting “Settings” > “eBay Account Settings”
The eBay Account Settings Screen is the centre of your eBay account within SellerExpress. This screen allows you to setup and manage your eBay accounts, your “Profiles” and “Variation Settings”. In this helpfile we’re going to look at your eBay accounts, adding, linking and managing them. If you want to look at Profiles or Variation Settings select the links below,
Profiles : Learn about creating your eBay listing Profiles
Variations : Learn about creating, maintaining and using Variations on eBay through SellerExpress
Linking An Account:
Once you have subscribed to eBay then you will need to link your SellerExpress and eBay account together. This is done by clicking the "Link" option next to the eBay account you are looking to link. Follow the onscreen instructions and make sure to hit "Ok" and not than the "X" at the top of the screen when you are finished.
NB. It is possible to link the same eBay account to multiple eBay international sites but this can slow down your products listing, updating and downloading orders
Once you have completed the linking process there are some other details you need to enter. An explanation of each is below,
  • Account Name: The nickname of this account (only relevant if you have multiple eBay accounts for this nation)
  • Stock Location: The location of your stock, this is normally listed as your city / county
  • Country: Your Country
  • PayPal Email Address: The email address associated with your PayPal account
  • Refund Message: Your refund Terms & Conditions. When you will or won't refund
  • Refund No. Days: The number of days a customer has to return the product for a refund
  • Listing Settings (Append Format To Listing Title): Automatically adds your format name to the end of your eBay listing title
  • Listing Settings (Append Condition To Listing Title): Automatically adds your condition to the end of your eBay listing title
NB. You must fill out all of the required information and link your account to SellerExpress or your listings will be rejected by eBay.
Once you've entered these details make sure to hit “Update” to save. You can edit your account settings by clicking on the account on this screen in future.
Adding An Account:
Once you've setup your first account you have the option to add up to three separate eBay accounts for each eBay site. This means if you have multiple eBay UK accounts running through SellerExpress at the same time. To add a new account simple hit “Add” next to your existing and already linked eBay account. Add the details for your account as shown in the previous section then hit “Add” on the top right to add the account. Finally hit ‘Link’ to link up your eBay account to SellerExpress.
NB. If you want to add other national eBay accounts (Ie, eBay.com, eBay.co.uk, eBay.de) you need to go to the “Modify Subscriptions” Screen, click here for more information.
Removing An Account:
If you want to remove an account click the “Remove” next to the account you want to remove. This will delete the account and all information linked to it including listings. Please make sure you want to completely remove the account before selecting this option.
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