Where Can I See My Price Checkers Price Changes?

As the SellerExpress repricer works autonomously and you don't see the price changes taking place it can be easy to lose track of your products pricing and why it is priced as it is. Trends can be hard to spot and if you feel the repricer has changed your prices incorrectly this also needs to be looked at. 

It is possible to pull up a record of your most recent price changes for a product in SellerExpress. To do this go to the product affected, you can use the 'Find Box' at the top of the screen to do this. 

Once you've opened the product expand the 'History Info - Stock' tab. Set the 'Report' to 'Price History', and set your 'Marketplace / Price' to whichever Marketplace you wish to see the history for. This will display a record of the last 10 price changes of your product.

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