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NB. Your Inventory will not be visible until you select search options.

My Inventory is a powerful search tool which lets you to create a list of your products which meet criteria you select. It also allows you to make quick and bulk edits to your products. Find my inventory by clicking "Inventory" then "My Inventory".

Searching with My Inventory:
My Inventory allows you to search all your products by:
In or Out of Stock
Stock Quantity
Added Since
Sales on Marketplaces - Last 7, 30 or 90 days, or All Dates
Price - Cost Price, Sale Price or Marketplace Price
Listed on Marketplaces
Auto Price by Marketplace
FBA by Marketplace

As well as the basic information which is displayed about your product you can also choose extra information to display. You can choose to display Price, Listing, Auto Pricing, Listing ID/ASINs and Images. 

Quick Edits / Bulk Updates:
Once you have searched you can click on any result in the table to edit the Title, Cost, Quantity, Your Identifier, Location, Format, Supplier or Condition of the product. Once you have made your changes, click Update at the end of the row you are editing.

As well as making quick edits you can make bulk updates to selected products. The bulk update options available are,

List all Products on Marketplace - Select "yes" to list all products on the Marketplace of your choice or "No" to cancel listing on these Marketplaces. When bulk listing for eBay you have the option to pick which Profile to list the product under.

Price Check all Products on Marketplace - Select "yes" to set your product to repricing on this Marketplace or "No" to cancel repricing. If your product has never repriced it will be listed at its default sale price.

Click here for more Information on repricing or here for more information on Amazon repricing.


Mark all Products as FBA - Select "yes" to set your product to FBA this Marketplace or "No" to cancel FBA and list your products as merchant fulfilled. Once Amazon have received your products your quantities will download automatically for you. For more information on Fulfilled by Amazon click here.

eBay, bulk applying profiles & listings:
To make listing your products on eBay as easy as possible you can use the bulk update option to list products in bulk on eBay, but more than this every time you use this option you have the ability to select which Profiles to apply to the product. Find out more about profiles here.

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