Why is the Auto Pricing Tool not running? (Price Check Not Running)

From time to time you might see that a product in your inventory might not be repricing. If your Repricing Tool doesn't appear to be working (at all or on a single product) there are a number of things you can check, the common reasons for it not running. If the problem persists you can get in touch with our support team at support@sellerexpress.com

  1. Make sure you have the Pricing Tool downloaded

    For the Automatic Pricing Tool to run you need to download the Pricing Tool. There will be an option on your Menu Bar which lets you download it. Once you have downloaded it, install it onto your computer.

    NB. If you are currently using a MAC click here

  2. Make sure the Pricing Tool is running on your PC

    Even after you have installed your pricing tool you need to run it. To do this double click on the SellerExpress icon on your desktop and enter your login details.Once you have logged in make sure that the SellerExpress Icon is on your taskbar (Beside your Clock).

    Double click on this icon to bring up the pricing tool and confirm it is running.

    NB. If you get an error 'Unexpected Error Verifying Your Details' when logging in click here.

  3. Verify that your Internet Connection is working on the PC with your Pricing Tool
    It may seem simple but always worth confirming if you are using a PC you aren't normally using. If the Internet Connection isn't active on your PC then the pricing tool won't be able to reprice your products or connect with SellerExpress.

  4. Your Tool isn't scheduled to run very often / is taking longer to run than scheduled
    When you are setting your Pricing Tools schedules you need to try and set it to run as often as it can while not giving it too little a time to run. If your pricing tool takes 40 minutes to run it won't do to schedule it to run every 15 minutes or every 4 hours.

    You can update your schedule and see how long the tool is taking to run by going to "Settings", "Amazon Account Settings", "Scheduling".

  5. Your Amazon Account hasn't been enabled yet

    SellerExpress will not upload new prices to your Amazon account until you enable the account. Once you enable your Account SellerExpress will be able to upload your prices, quantities and new products. You can enable your Account by going to "Settings", "Amazon Account Settings" and clicking on the Red X beside the Amazon Account you wish to enable.

    It is highly recommended you read this helpfile before enabling your account.

  6. Restart your PC

    If your Pricing Tool still appears not to be running and you have gone through each of the above steps restart the PC where your Pricing Tool is installed and wait an hour, if the issue persists you can contact our support team at support@sellerexpress.com.

    If your product is listed but doesn't appear to be pricing how you expect this helpfile has further instructions on what you can try.
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