What is the Product Info Screen (MarketPlace)


This is an important screen for setting/viewing marketplace information such as whether to List or Price Check on each Marketplace, Current Sale Price, Competitors Pricing, Marketplace Description etc.

For each marketplace that you are signed up for - you will have a row in the grid e.g. Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Play.com

For each marketplace - you can choose whether or not an item will get listed there - by ticking/unticking the tick box in the List column.

For each marketplace - you can choose whether or not an item will get price checked (by the Auto Pricing Tools/Play Pricing Formula) - by ticking/unticking the tick box in the Price Check column. It must also be set to List on the marketplace in order for the item to price check.

If your item is an "FBA" item - ensure this option is ticked so SellerExpress can then get daily updates of your quantities in FBA - and doesn`t try to list it again.

If you wish to manually set a price for a specific marketplace - then ensure the Price Check column is unticked - then you can key into the Price field and set your own price.

The Current Price shows the price as of the last price check. It can be refreshed using the Refresh Price link. You can also click on the Help link here to view "Why This Price" information to get an overview of how pricing rules were used to determine the price. Note - if the marketplace prices have been updated since the last price check - it will price the item again using the latest marketplace information.

The Listing ID is retrieved by SellerExpress using the barcode (UPC / EAN) . In some instances, the barcode Amazon/Play have for a product may differ to the product you have - resulting in you listing/selling the wrong item. In this scenario - you can manually key into this field and store the correct Listing ID for the product you have (e.g. ASIN from Amazon, or Play Listing ID from Play).

You can also see the quantity you will list on that marketplace and lowest seller prices if available at the time of the last price check carried out on the Marketplace tab.

The "Speech Bubble" icon allows you to set a description/comment for that product on that marketplace. This will override the one set on the Amazon account settings. If no comment is set per product the standard account one will be used.

To learn how to edit Product Information for eBay Products, click here.

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