How Do I Search For Past Order(s) In SellerExpress?


If you are looking to pull up you some old or past orders in SellerExpress there are several ways to do this. Please find an overview of each below,

Option 1: Search by Order ID

The first option allows you to search for the order by entering the SellerExpress or Marketplace Order ID. To do this simply enter either the SellerExpress or Marketplace OrderID into the search box at the top SellerExpress and select "Order ID" from the dropdown. Hit "Go" to search and pull up this order.

Option 2: Search by SKU (title, ASIN, etc)
If you don't have the Order ID for the specific order but do have the details of what the product details orders you can also search for the order by displaying a list of all sales for that product and narrowing in on the customer. 

To do this enter the SellerExpress SKU number for the product in the Find Box at the top of the Screen in SellerExpress, set your "Search By" dropdown to "SKU/Barcode" and Show Results In" to "All Sales". Hit Search to display a list of all sales for this product.

You can also use this method to search for orders by your own personal SKU (Identifier/Own SKU), Title (Keywords) or ASIN (ASIN). 

Option 3: Sales Last X number of Days
If you don't have the product or order details you can always pull up a list of all orders which have been completed in the past number of days. Select "Orders", "Sales" and then you can select the options for displaying orders from the past 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days by selecting each option. If you need to display orders for the past 60,90 or 120 you can use the direct links below.

Last 60 Days
Last 90 Days
Last 120 Days

NB. You need to be logged in to use these links

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