Currency Settings Screen


If you are selling products on any foreign marketplaces (or on PlayTrade), you will need to set your currency conversion rates.

SellerExpress will use these rates to convert your prices from your base currency to the currency of the destination marketplace. This converted price is then used on the destination marketplace.

You can set your currency conversion rates automatically- SellerExpress uses Google Finance for this and updates rates once per day. Or you can set your rates manually.

NB It is important to ensure that your conversion rates are accurate as these will dictate your selling prices on foreign marketplaces.

NB If you run auto-pricing, your converted price will be changed according to the pricing rules you set in the Pricing Rules Screen. 

NB PlayTrade allows customers to buy in both Sterling and Euro, so if you sell on PlayTrade you will need to set your Euro conversion rate.

NB When an order is received from a foreign marketplace, the order total is not converted to your base currency - they will stay in the currency they were placed in.

For Help on using Euro or Dollar as your base currency instead of GBP:

Click on the video icon to view video help.

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