What is the eBay Import?


Access this screen by selecting “Inventory” > “eBay Import”

This help topic is also available in the form of a video tutorial which can be found here.

The eBay imports have been designed to make two regular processes much easier, adding new products in bulk and editing existing stock inventory and quantities. There are two types of imports, the eBay Products Import and Price Quantity Import.

NB.Templates are available on the eBay Imports Screen in SellerExpress.

Products Import : 
Allows you to add profiles, descriptions and images to products in bulk. The fields marked with a * must be populated with data, the others can be left blank if you wish.

Sku* : SellerExpress SKU
Title : Your listing title
ProfileID* : Your profile ID
Description1 : First paragraph of your description
Description2 : Second paragraph of your description
Description3 : Third paragraph of your description
MainimageURL* : Your listings primary image
AdditionalImageURL : Additional Images (You can list up-to 11 URLs in this column, separate URLs with a *|* symbol)

NB. Columns cannot be added or removed from this template.
NB. You must not include Tab Characters in your Title or Description.
Price Quantity Import : 
Allows you to edit Quantities and eBay price. The fields marked with a * must be populated with data, the others can be left blank if you wish.
For any skus updated with the eBay price import, if they are set to reprice, this option will be automatically unchecked for you so the listing can be set to a fixed price.
Sku* : SellerExpress SKU
Quantity* : Stock Quantity
eBay Price* : eBay Buy It Now Price
NB. You can download a report with all your existing SKUs on the Reports screen. Click here to learn more.
NB. Please note the eBay List Products import should be in Tab Delimited (.txt) format.
The Price Update import should be in .CSV (Comma delimited).
Although you can download templates from the import eBay products screen to make sure you have the correct format.
Please make sure you update all fields, as if you leave anything blank that will overwrite existing data in the system.
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