SellerExpress Shipping Settings


In SellerExpress you can set up shipping regions on a format by format basis.

When setting up a new format you have the option to set delivery regions for each Amazon Marketplace and

The benefit of this is that you have control over where you want your products available for sale e.g. if you have a number of DVD Boxsets that cost a lot to deliver outside of the UK you can set that format to only be available to UK Customers

For example

Format – Heavy DVD Boxsets

Amazon UK – Ship to UK only

This can be set up for each Amazon Marketplace

Question – Can I set up shipping options on A SKU by SKU basis?

Answer – In SellerExpress shipping options are set on a format by format basis so if you have SKUs which you want to apply specific shipping options to what you need to do is create a format for this SKU(s), set shipping details and then update the format for this SKU(s)

NB Expediting Shipping is not currently available in SellerExpress


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