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To Access the Reports screen click 'Reports' on the left hand menu bar.

One of the benefits of using SellerExpress to manage your inventory on Amazon, eBay and PlayTrade is the ability to monitor your selling performance across all channels. As well as the Dashboard display that allows you to see sales, refunds and stock units for the previous year, SellerExpress also offers a range of Reports to provide a more in-depth look at your performance.

NB: Reports will be downloaded into .xls format which will require Excel to read
NB: These reports will take several minutes to generate

Some reports require a date period which you must set via the dropdown to generate the report (e.g. 7 days, 30 days). You can also customise the settings for some reports via the Inventory section of the Dashboard.

Best Sellers:
This lists your best selling items showing how many you have sold in the previous 7, 30 or 90 days. You can review the cost price of the product to ensure you are making the most of every sale. You can also see the quantity, a handy way of making sure you aren’t close to running out of your high selling items.

Low Stock / Reorder:
This is a quick way of seeing items with only a few left in stock. Cost price and sales from the previous 7, 30 or 90 days can be seen allowing you to determine if the item should be restocked or removed from your inventory.

This report highlights items that have not sold in the previous 7, 30 or 90 days. Cost price is displayed as well as sales, allowing you to determine which items are not performing best. Whether you have to change the price to make the item more attractive to buyers; improve the listings details to make the item easier to find on marketplaces or promote the item to your customers more, this is the quickest way of seeing the items that need updating to enable more sales.

High Quantities:
This report displays over stocked items, with cost price and sales from the previous 7 days. Again this report is great for highlighting items that can be reviewed to enable more sales, high quantity and low sales can show you a change is needed to increase sales of that item.

Stock Per Location:
This report shows what item is in stock in each location, also displaying supplier, condition, format, cost price and quantity, perfect for a complete overview of your inventory.

Sales Per Country:
A report showing your sales in each country for the previous 7, 30 or 90 days, including the date of sale, the address and country the order came from, the order total and postage cost. This report also included the VAT value, useful for VAT and financial reporting.

Stock Valuation:
This report shows your current inventory, including supplier, condition, location, quantity and cost price plus a total valuation for each item you stock. You can review low value stock to enable more sales making room for items higher value items.

Sales Per Product:
This report shows what products have sold in the previous 7, 30 or 90 days including cost, quantity and format. This allows you to identify trends, spotting which items sell best at different times allowing you to target promotions and offers to increase sales at the best possible time.

High Margin:
This report shows high margin items based on cost price in SellerExpress and the current price on Amazon or PlayTrade and showing a calculation of profit. You can see the quantity of your high margin items and sales in the previous 7, 30 or 90 days, highlighting items that are doing well and worth investing more time and effort in.

This report highlights items without ASINs that may not be listing on Amazon. This is a quick way to see items that need additional information to ensure they are listing.

Amazon Errors:
This report shows items not listing on Amazon due to various Amazon errors, allowing you to identify and issues with your Amazon permissions or listings. You can view a list of the common reasons for products not listing on various marketplace at the following links.

Product Not Listed on Amazon
Product Not Listed on eBay
Product Not Listed on PlayTrade

Stock Import File & Advanced Stock Import File:
These files can be generated to give an overview of your inventory in SellerExpress. You can edit both these files to be imported back into SellerExpress to update your items in bulk. More details on both these files can be found at the following links, Basic and Advanced

Variation Products:
The Variation Product report generates a report of your eBay variations, what products are linked to what variation and what attributes are on each. A perfect report for quickly over-viewing your variation listings.

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