Orders Screen - Orders Section


The top section of the Orders screen shows a list of orders. The contents of the list can differ depending on how you arrived at the screen - or what options within the screen you choose.

For example - it may only show Pending orders if you arrived via the Pending orders link from the dashboard or menu.

It shows information like Order ID, order dates, customer name, and order status.

Clicking on an order will show you full order details in the bottom section of the screen.

Processing orders can be done in a few different ways:

  • For a single order - change the status dropdown to the new status and that order will be updated.
  • Alternatively for a single order - change the status in the order details section at the bottom of the screen.
  • For bulk order updates, tick/select the tick box for each order and the orders you wish to update in bulk and then change the status at the bottom of the orders grid and then hit the update button beside this. There are options to select all / deselect all if required.

Marking an order as complete will send dispatch confirmations to the various marketplaces also.

In bulk or individually you can also reprint invoices, export order information to Excel or generate a picking list.  The following fields are exported excel.



  • Id (SellerExpress order id reference)
  • Status (Overall order status if multiple items ordered e.g. remains pending/picking until items are marked as dispatched/refunded)
  • Items (Number of items ordered for the Sku)
  • Marketplace Order ID (Marketplace order id)
  • Marketplace ID (Marketplace e.g. Amazon.co.uk)
  • Received (Date/time order was received into SellerExpress)
  • Completed (Date/time order was marked as dispatched on SellerExpress)
  • Order Total (Overall order total)
  • Item Id (SellerExpress order item Id e.g. item on an order has a Order Item Id)
  • SKU (SellerExpress SKU)
  • Identifier (Seller's Own SKU)
  • Title (Product name)
  • Format (Product format)
  • Order Qty (Quantity ordered for the SKU)
  • Cost Price (Cost price valued set on product screen)
  • Sale Price (Marketplace sale price)
  • Profit (Sale Price - Cost Price)
  • Postage (Post Credit from Marketplace)
  • Item Status (Picking/Packing Status of a particular item on an order)
  • Customer Name (Delivery customer name)
  • Address 1 (Delivery address)
  • Address 2
  • Address 3
  • City
  • County
  • Country
  • Postcode
  • Buyer Name (Billing customer name)
  • Ship Method (Ship Method - Standard/Expedited)




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