Automatic Price Incorrect / Pricing Tool Not Calculating Prices Correctly?


SellerExpress Price Checking has a range of settings and variables that can often result in Sellers perceiving the price calculated by the Automatic Pricing Tool to be incorrect.

Before SellerExpress Support can review individual questions on pricing issues, you must have checked the following:

Have you checked that your listing is in SellerExpress? You can do this by searching by SellerExpress SKU or barcode.

Have you checked that the ASIN (Amazon) or Listing ID (Play) are correct for this product?

Have you checked that your Amazon Business Name Is Correct In SellerExpress? Perhaps this has been changed recently on Amazon but not SellerExpress? You can confirm this by going to the Amazon Account Settings screen and clicking on the desired Amazon account and checking the Business Name Field.

Is product set to price check on the marketplaces tab?

Is product in stock and set to list on that marketplace?

Have you checked the Why This Price screen? (Click on the ? next to the price in the Marketplace tab of the Product screen)

Are your AWS ID and secret key correct? Often these can be copied/pasted incorrectly and if so, will stop price checking from working correctly.

Have you checked the pricing rules? For example:

  • If you're the only seller of product then setting 1 will apply.
  • If competitors (inclusive of postage) are below your minimum you will either list at your minimum of you will beat the first seller above your minimum – depending on whether ‘Best Price’ option is on or off. Note that for media/fixed postage items - you must build the postage credits into your minimum price calculation/rule.
  • If you’ve created a rule for a category/department/format etc – then you MUST create a rule for all categories/depts etc
  • Have you excluded a seller (by Name or by Quantity) and this may be affecting the calculated price?
  • When comparing the new suggested price to your minimum price this is based on Amazon Sale Price + Amazon Postage Credit e.g. if your new price is 2.50 + 1.26 P&P and your Minimum Price is 3.75 the new price of 2.50 + 1.26 is a valid price as 3.76 is above your minimum.  Some Sellers add their Amazon Postage Credit into the minimum price rule to get around this.

Is your pricing tool running? Check for warning messages on your dashboard if the Automatic Pricing tool isn't running - or right click on the SellerExpress logo in the system tray and click on Status to see if it is currently running.

Why does the "Last Priced" date show an older date, does this mean my item has been priced since this date/time?   If the auto pricing tools are running typically this simply means that your item hasn't needed to be changed since this date/time as it's already at the best price.

My Auto Pricing Tools hasn't changed status (stalled) in some time?  Sometimes this can occur due to internet/PC/etc related issues.  If the auto pricing tool is not in countdown to the next scheduled auto pricing run, then restart the auto pricing tool/PC.  If the issue persists contact the support team via the "Send an email to support" link located to the right and we'll investigate further. 

Have you checked the currency rates are correctly set for the given marketplace/currency? 

See link below for further details.

If you've checked the above, then to submit a price query to support you need to supply the information specified here:

NB - Failure by Sellers to check the above may result in reduced support levels.

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