Using Custom eBay Templates With SellerExpress

When putting together SellerExpress' eBay module we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate your existing eBay template into our software. For this reason you have the option to edit or add your own 'HTML' to your SellerExpress template. By adding the HTML of your own custom template you can assign it to Profiles and Products.
As these changes are user specific we can't offer support for changes and we would recommend contacting your template creator and confirming if their system would be compatible with SellerExpress. If possible ask them to include the following tags which links to information stored within SellerExpress.
SellerExpress_eBay_Title [Displays Product Title Entered Into SellerExpress]
SellerExpress_eBay_Image [Displays First Image Uploaded]
SellerExpress_eBay_Description [Displays Product Description Entered Into SellerExpress]
SellerExpress_eBay_AdditionalImages [Displays Additional Images Uploaded]
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