Invoice Settings Screen


Access this screen by selecting “Settings” > “Invoices”

The Invoices Screen allows you to make changes to your invoices so it will serve your needs better. There are a number of custom feature you can use with your invoices including,

Print Invoices : whether or not Invoices will print when you mark an order as completed
Display VAT on Invoices : Display the VAT price on each invoice 
Invoice Type : Your Invoice Layout  
Label Font Size : The size of the font on your label
Promotional Text : A line of promotional text you can add to your invoice

SellerExpress Invoices are designed to work with Integrated Label Paper which allows you to print your invoice then peel off the address to stick on the package saving you time and money. If you need labels to be printed rather than invoices please contact support at

NB. The business name and contact information shown on this screen is taken from the "Company Setting Screen". If you want to edit it go to "Settings" and "Company Settings".

Royal Mail PPI:
You can have your Royal Mail PPI automatically added to your labels. This makes it even easier as you don’t need to work with extra stickers if you use Royal Mail PPI. 

You can have a single Default PPI which is applied to all shipping methods or set a PPI per shipping method. Upload your own by browsing for the file and hitting upload.

NB. Postage types appear on this screen after they have been used in SellerExpress. Amazon postage types are there by default (If your subscribed) but eBay methods will only appear after they have been applied through a profile or listing.

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