Format Settings Screen



SellerExpress gives the choice of setting formats for your products. This allows you to:

1. Set a VAT rate for each format.

2. Set which regions (per marketplace) you would like to ship for each format.
For example you might want most of your products to ship to all available regions, but restrict bulky items from being available for sale on regions which are expensive to ship to. 

3. You can set your Shipping type and Postage rates for eBay, specifying two options for Domestic Shipping and two options for International Shipping per Format

You can also set your Default Format for when you are adding new products.

Click New to create a new Format. Enter details as required and click Add to save the new Format.

Select a Format from the table to edit it. Click Update to save changes.

Select a Format from the table and click Delete to remove the Format.


Click on the video icon for video help.

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