Can I use the new Amazon European Account with SellerExpress?


SellerExpress supports Amazon European (Unified) Accounts and all the marketplaces it comes with which include Amazon UK, FR, DE, IT and ES.

We would strongly recommend that you discuss the pros and cons with Amazon Seller Help in detail before choosing to upgrade - as there are some points to consider before upgrading. For example:


1.  When you close your UK,DE,FR, or IT accounts you will lose your feedback in these marketplaces e.g. if you are a UK seller and your close DE,FR,IT you will lose your feedback ratings in non-UK marketplaces.
2.  If you list items in Amazon UK FBA the listings need to be taken out (bought out or sell out) before you can list your items on the EFN (European Fulfilled Network).
3. It is not a requirement to upgrade (see FAQ below)
4.  SellerExpress already automatically controls your stock quantities across all Amazon Marketplaces so you are at no disadvantage if you do not upgrade.
5.  You will pay a single Pro-Merchant fee for your default marketplace. You will still pay individual fees for each marketplace on SellerExpress.

Find below FAQ on Amazon European Accounts

If you plan or already have upgraded your account to the new Amazon European Account type, please contact SellerExpress support if you have any questions.


NB. If you are using a unified account you must have all marketplaces within the unified account must be set to the same % marketplace quantities. If you don't do this SellerExpress will automatically change this. For more information on marketplace quantities refer to this helpfile.


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