Do you offer Virtual Price Checking? (Cloud Based Auto Pricing)


SellerExpress does offer a Virtual Repricing Tool as well as the standard PC installed version.

As standard SellerExpress' Automatic Pricing Tool will run on your PC at home or in the office. This does mean you need to keep your PC on 24/7 to make the most of it. SellerExpress offers a Virtual version of the Pricing Tool which we will run here on our servers so you don't need to run it yourself. Some of the benefits are explored below,

  • No need to install software on your PC
  • 24/7 Repricing without your PC being turned on
  • Priority support
  • Works with all your marketplaces (Play, Amazon, etc)
The Virtual Repricing Tool is available free of charge to customers on our Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Packages. If you are signed up to SellerExpress on our Basic or Standard Packages we still offer the Virtual Repricing Tool at £20exVAT per month.

If you would like a Virtual Repricing Server you can do so by contacting

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