How do I add a Condition Note to a product?


When uploading an product to Amazon you have the choice to add a Condition Note to each listing to describe a little about the product you are offering, but at it's heart a bid to the customer why they should buy from you rather than that other seller three spots down.


There are three ways you can update these descriptions in SellerExpress. You can give every product the same description, set these in bulk or one product at a time. 

All your products at once:
If you're not that bothered about each product having its own comment / description you can set SellerExpress to give each and every item the same comment. To do this click 'Settings' followed by 'Amazon Account Settings' for an Amazon marketplace or 'Play Account Settings' for

You can set a different comment for each marketplace so once the screen has loaded select which marketplace you want to add the comment to. Put your comment in the text box next to 'Comment'. See the image below,

Once you do this your items (new and existing) will be updated with this comment on the next upload. See our upload schedules here.

Unique comment for one product:
So you want to have a comment on a single product or two while have our blanket comment on the rest? No problem. The product screen will let you do this. First bring up the product, you can do this by searching for it using the find box at the top of the screen.

Once you've opened the product expand the 'Marketplace' tab, do this with the '+' on the right-hand side of the tab. You'll notice next to each marketplace there is a small speech bubble (see image below). Click on this bubble and you can enter a unique comment for the item here.

NB. Your unique comment will overwrite the blanket comment.

In Bulk:
So, you want to have a blanket comment for most items but there is a notable minority that you want to have unique comments. It's too much work to do them one at a time so we'll do them in bulk through the 'Advanced Import'. If you've never done an 'Advanced Import' click here to learn how first.

Once you've generated your 'Advanced Import Stock File' open it and you'll notice columns 'AN' through 'AT' are for marketplace comments. When you import this file back into SellerExpress with your new unique comments filled in these will overwrite your blanket comments.

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