The Find Box


SellerExpress has been designed to make finding your products easy and simple. To this end we have implemented a powerful search tool to track down the product (or Order) you want in a number of different ways. The “Find Box” (Search Box) is always at the top left of your screen when you are logged into SellerExpress.

You can search with the following information, 

SKU/Barcode* – The SellerExpress Sku or product Barcode (UPC)
Identifier/OwnSku* – Your personal (Amazon) Sku
Keyword* – A keyword from the products title

ASIN* – The Products ASIN
ListingID* – Your products Play listing ID 
Location* – The products location

OrderID – An Order ID 
Customer Info – Customers information (Name, email address etc)
Customer Sale – Searches sales by Customer information (Name, email address etc)

NB. Products marked with a * can use this Find Box to either search your Inventory or Orders.

You can also use the Find Box to add products to SellerExpress, find more information on this by clicking here.

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