How Do I Download Amazon Orders Which Are More Than A Week Old?


This screen allows you to set the number of days for which you wish to download orders. You can access it by selecting "Settings", "Amazon Account Settings" then "Order Reports",

Normally SellerExpress will download orders for the past 24 hours throughout the day and then the past 7 days once a day overnight. This should mean that all orders are downloaded into SellerExpress. In the rare case that an order was left by a customer unpaid for over a week you'd need to use this screen.

From the "No Order Days" dropdown select either 15, 30 or 60 days to download a report with all orders for that period. This will only happen once and then it will return to the normal 24 hour reports.

NB - Orders will only be downloaded for products within SellerExpress.
NB - Order from before SellerExpress was enabled can't be downloaded.

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