Flubit Settings

The Flubit Settings screen allows you to link your SellerExpress account with your weFlubit merchant account. If you do not already have a weFlubit account, you can register at http://register.weflubit.com

Flubit Account Settings
Consumer Key and Consumer Secret - These credentials will be emailed to you by Flubit when you register for a weFlubit account. 
Flubit Account Verified - Once you update your account settings SellerExpress will check if they are valid. An alert will be shown if invalid details are entered.
Flubit Integration Enabled - Here you can disable Flubit integration. All uploads and downloads between SellerExpress and Flubit will be stopped. You will still be subscribed to Flubit as a marketplace.
Flubit Product Settings
Stock Percentage - This is the percentage of your available stock that you would like to list on Flubit.
Price Settings - This is the rule that will be used to calculate your Flubit Base Price
Import/Export History
The last 5 import/exports are shown here so that you can check their status.

Adding a Product

How Do I Add My Products

When listing a product on Flubit through SellerExpress you can do this the same why you would add a product to Amazon or eBay. You would have to tick the box to list on Flubit in SellerExpress as shown below. SellerExpress will then upload any new products you have added to list on Flubit every 3 hours.

You can also have to add a Flubit Image URL. This is optional though so you don't need to add them. You can add any product image URL, not just those used on Amazon. You can see from the below image where you need to put this URL.


In the event that you set a product to be added to Flubit but it doesn't appear in your WeFlubit account it's important to review SellerExpress' feedback on why this wasn't listed. This is easy to do, simply go to your Dashboard, and under the 'Channels' section select 'Inventory Items Not Listed'. On the new screen select 'Flubit' from the dropdown to see the Flubit items not listed and why.

If you are unsure why your products are not listed please do get in touch with us at support@sellerexpress.com and we'll look into it for you.

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