Order Processing With SellerExpress


You can access the screens discussed in this helpfile by selecting “Orders” then one of the sub menus.

SellerExpress has been designed to be an integrated Order Processing system for you to use. This means that SellerExpress will download the orders from each of your marketplaces into a single system for you to track, print invoices and mark as dispatched. Once you have marked your orders as dispatched SellerExpress will then tell each marketplace to do likewise.

NB. SellerExpress will only download orders for Products within SellerExpress.
Please be aware that these screens will only be populated with orders after you have enabled your account.
NB. If you wish to continue to process your orders on your existing marketplace accounts please contact
support@sellerexpress.com to arrange this.

Pending Sales:
Once orders are received by SellerExpress they go into your “Pending Sales” Screen. Think of this as the screen for orders you’ve received but haven’t started to do anything with. Depending on how you run your operation you can mark orders as dispatched straight from this screen or export them to the Picking List Screen first. Both of these screens are discussed in the sections below.

The Pending Order Screen displays your orders on a table, click on any of the orders on the table to expand and get more information on the order (1). You can also display more information about each order by clicking the Black Cog (2) to the right on the header bar. You can also reorder your table by clicking on any of the headers (3).

To process your orders on this screen you can tick the box to the left of the orders then select “Dispatched” from the “Change Status To” dropdown (4). You can also use this dropdown to refund or move orders to the picking list.

Picking List:
Once you have received Pending Orders you have the option to process them in Pending Sales or you can take them to the “Picking List”. The Picking List allows you to do two things you can’t with just the Pending Sales Screen,

• You can move orders you are preparing to dispatch to another screen to avoid confusion when new orders are downloaded
• You can print a list of each order and more information in a table view to make picking products easier

Once orders have been moved to the Picking Screen this screen is shaped and formatted exactly the same way as the Pending Sales Screen is. To dispatch orders simply select the tick box beside the order and change the “Change Status To” to Dispatched.

Once you have marked an order as dispatched we will inform whichever marketplace that order came from and they will mark it as dispatched automatically for you. This process can take a few hours, please see our schedules by clicking here.

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