Automatic Import and Export

We understand that at times you’ll need to arrange automatic Imports / Exports of your stock to your website or own systems. For this reason SellerExpress does offer automated Imports and Exports of Stock Files and Order Files. 

Automatic Imports require you to generate the file on your own system and deposit it on our server using FTP. Just like manual Imports all columns must be present and the same rules for required fields apply. For more information on Imports click here for Basic, or here for Advanced.

There is an extra cost per month for Automatic Imports; these are £10pm for the Basic Import Stock File and £20pm for the Advanced Import Stock File. 

Automatic Exports are the same reports you can manually generate in SellerExpress but done for you automatically by our system at a time of your choosing. We deposit these reports on our server and you can collect it via FTP. Depending on the information you require you can choose to create a Basic Import Stock File, Advanced Import Stock File or Orders Report. These cost £10pm, £20pm and £10pm respectively.

NB. Automatic Imports and Exports can put a strain on our system so we won’t set these up to run more than 4 times a day. These reports can be run to your schedule.

NB. Your IP address needs to be whitelisted to interact with our server so only Static IP addresses would be suitable for Automatic Imports or Exports.

If you require any further information on Automatic Imports / Exports or to get these setup for you please contact support

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