Common Reason for Rejected Products / Failed Imports


The following helpfile gives a check-list of common reasons why Basic or Advanced Stock Import files can fail or have rejections when you try to import them into SellerExpress. Please make sure to take these into account when creating your file to avoid the file being rejected or failing.


  • Import Files Layout (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    The layout of a Basic or Advanced Import Stock File is set, that means that all headers and columns must remain exactly as in the template. If you remove columns or change headers then the file will be rejected. 

    You can get a copy of the template within SellerExpress by clicking "Inventory" then "Import Products" and selecting to download the template.

  • Import Files Format (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    The format of the Basic or Advanced Import Stock File must be .CSV (Comma Delimited). Please select this option when saving your file within Excel.

  • Comma’s (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    As the file is a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file Commas are used by the system to determine where one column ends and another begins. This means if you include Commas in your titles or any other fields this will cause the file to fail. Please remove all commas before attempting to import your file.

  • Missing Required Fields (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    Both the Basic and Advanced Import Stock Files have their own required fields. Unless the required fields are filled in with data then the Import will reject that product line. Find full details of which fields are required on the helpfiles for each.

    Click here for the Basic Import Stock Files Helpfile
    Click here for the Advanced Import Stock Files Helpfile

  • Corrupted Barcodes (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    When you open a file in Excel with a very long number (Ie, a Barcode) Excel will display it incorrectly (9.07895E+17 for example). Before you save your file you "Must" reformat this column to be a number. To do this,

    - Select the column header (where it says A, B, C etc)
    - Right Click and select "Format Cells"
    - On the "Number" tab select" Number" from the" Category list"
    - Change the "Decimal Places" to "0" then press "OK" to apply this

    Your number will then appear correct. You must do this before saving your file otherwise the number will be permanently corrupted.

  • Quantity is set to 0 for new products (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    If you are adding a new product then your product must have a quantity. Leave your quantity as 0 and SellerExpress will reject this product and stop it from being added to the system. You can import 0 stock for existing product, just not new products.

  • Invalid Condition Used (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    The Condition field on the Basic and Advanced Imports uses the Amazon Condition format. Only the following condition codes will be accepted. If you enter another condition SellerExpress will not import your product.

    Used Like New
    Used Very Good
    Used Good
    Used Acceptable
    Used Refurbished
    Collectible Like New
    Collectible Very Good
    Collectible Good
    Collectible Acceptable

  • Filling In SKU Number When Adding New Products (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    The first column on each Import is for the SellerExpress SKU. When adding a new product this SKU is automatically generated so must be left blank when adding a new product. Including a SKU which isn't in SellerExpress in this field will cause that product line to be rejected.

  • Using OpenOffice (Basic & Advanced Imports)
    If you are using OpenOffice’s Calc product you need to follow the special instructions when saving your file from the helpfile linked here.

  • SKU field is for the SellerExpress SKU (Basic Imports Only)
    The first column in the Basic Import Stock File is the "SKU" column. This field is reserved for the SellerExpress SKU number and isn’t designed to take your personal SKU number. If a number other than the SellerExpress SKU number is put in this field this product will be rejected. 

  • Last Column Should Be Populated (Basic Imports Only)
    The last column in the file must be populated. The Basic Stock File however has Location as its final column, if you are using the Basic Import Stock File make sure to populate this field, even if it is with a full stop or a 1.


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