Adding a New Marketplace: Amazon


Once you have added your primary account to SellerExpress you can go ahead and add your additional marketplaces. In this helpfile we’re going to take you through the process of adding Amazon (or an additional Amazon Account) to SellerExpress.

The first thing you need to do is subscribe to your new marketplace. To do this click “My Account” then “Modify Subscription”. From the list on screen tick the marketplace you are looking at add to your account. If your package is affected by this change we’ll let you know by displaying a popup message.

NB. If you want to add multiple Amazons you can do them add them at the same time
Once you have added the Amazon to your subscription you need to enter your account details.

Adding Your Amazon Settings:
Once you have subscribed to your account you can add your Amazon settings. To do this click “Settings” then “Amazon Account Settings”. When the Amazon Account Settings Screen is displayed you need to click on the row of the table for whichever Amazon you just added, this will display the account settings below.

1) Once on this screen you can add your Amazon account settings inside the indicated inside the yellow box. 

2) Now follow the steps by first of all clicking on Login to your Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) Login now by clicking on sign up for MWS. Select I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS. You need to now enter the information from below.

Application Name: Sellerexpress


Application's Developer Account Number: 3464-6973-0700

3) You need to agree to the terms and conditions on Amazon and it will then take you to a page with your Merchant ID and Marketplace ID.

4)Now go back to SellerExpress and input your Merchant ID. Click update and that will setup your MWS settings.

Going live:
Once you have added your details you need to review your Pricing Rules for Amazon and get ready to go live. Click here for more information on your pricing rules and how to set them up.

Once you are ready to go live you can go ahead and click “Enable Accounts”. If you need help importing your products then go ahead and contact for assistance. Please remember that once your account has been enabled you will need to do the following from within SellerExpress,

• Update product stock quantities
• Update product pricing (if not using the Repricing tool)
• Add all new products
• Process your Marketplace Orders

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