Can I Export Orders From SellerExpress?


Depending on how you process your orders you may need to export order files. There are two ways to do this in SellerExpress, one manual and one automatic.

Manual method
To manually export orders browse to the pending sales screen (Orders / Pending Sales), if you want to export all orders click on the "All" option otherwise individually choose the orders you wish to export.  Once you have done this click on "Export orders", this will then create a spreadsheet with all orders.  Depending on who the file needs to be sent to you may need to remove some columns but you should find that all the information you need is included in this file.

This method is available to all customers.

Automatic Method
The Automatic method exports the same information but is done automatically on a daily basis. A file is created and sent to a secure FTP site which you can then access and download your order file.  

This method is only available to customers on Professional Package or higher. Contact to discuss getting this setup.

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