Import Magento Products


Access this screen by selecting “Inventory” then “Magento Import” The Magento Import Screen is used to allow you to Import your products into SellerExpress from Magento. The first thing you need to do is enter your Magento Settings including Store URL, API Username and Password. If you’re not sure how to get these details you can find out how by clicking here

Once you have added these settings you can use this screen to import new products to SellerExpress or update existing ones. Select your file and select your Import Options. If you don’t know how to generate a file from Magento click here. An explanation of each of the Import options is below, 
  • List on Amazon: Sets List on Amazon for new products. 
  • List on Play: Sets List on Play for new products. 
  • Update Products if Found: Updates existing products. 
  • Add New Format: Adds format to SellerExpress if it doesn’t exist. 
  • Re-price on Amazon: Sets Amazon re-price able for new products. 
  • Zero Quantity for Items Not in File: Zeros quantities for items not in file for Supplier. 
  • Replace Quantity if Found (Appends if Unchecked): Replaces or adds to product quantity for existing products. 

NB. New products added to SellerExpress will have your Magento SKU added as your MyIdentifier.

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