Adding New and Used copies of the same item (or Multiple Skus for same product)


You may have both new and used copies of the same product, or need to add multiple entries for the same product with different SKUs (e.g. if different quantities/supplier/location etc)

The easiest way is to use the Amazon search by barcode - which will give you the option of bringing up the original listing - or continuing to view the Amazon results from where you can add another version of the same product with different conditions, price etc.

Alternatively you could add them manually using the product screen (Inventory / Add Product).

-Add the product once using your barcode, price etc and set the condition

- You can then go back and add the product again using the same barcode (you will see a warning message letting you know the barcode already exists) but this time set the condition to be used.

Another option is to search for the product with the ASIN via the Amazon search. This will return and populate product details and will allow you to add the product to SellerExpress.

The product will have the same barcode but different SKU’s and different conditions and will be uploaded to your Marketplace accounts as separate listings.

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